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Uncharted available on PC!



Uncharted PC Manager – is a great program that will download and install the full version of the game Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune on your computer. The game has been completely reworked version of the console (PS3) version on a computer (PC), all graphics settings and controls were carefully matched to the computer platform. Manager grab the link below, unpack it any program .rar, run and follow the instructions to download. The installer will start playing automatically as soon as it is downloaded, it’s important to complete the process of downloading and installing click on the button CRACK and poczeka┼╝ the installer to load the necessary components to run the game. You can also download the image of the game along with the ISO crack, but because of the speed, ease and functionality offered by our program we recommend to install the game using the Manager. From the Manager change all the settings of the game: Graphics, Audio, which controls much easier to run the game on slower computer platforms.



Full version of the game is 7.64GB of free space HDD, the rest of the hardware requirements is given below.










Uncharted PC Manager











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